modern reusable coffee cup, led by design and made to last.

The ultimate modern reusable coffee cup from Bullet Cup, where exceptional design meets lasting durability. Based in New Zealand and now proudly extending to Australia, we believe that sustainability, style, and quality can coexist harmoniously. Our eco-friendly cups are not just a testament to this belief; they are a stylish declaration of it.

Each Bullet Cup is crafted from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, featuring a double-wall design that makes it the perfect companion for both hot and cold beverage aficionados on the move. Embrace the fusion of sustainability and elegance with our beautifully designed cups, built to stand the test of time.

personalised keep cup - make it yours.

Make your Bullet Cup as unique as you are with our personalized customization options. Choose from displaying your name, initials, or a word that resonates with you.

Our precision laser-etching process ensures your custom coffee cup stands out as uniquely yours, unmistakably personalized and impossible for anyone else to claim.

We have looked around and your product definitely takes the cake."

- Mackenzie B

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customised cups for your corporate or retail company.

Seeking a standout corporate gift or a sustainable addition for your store's inventory? Enjoy discounted rates on bulk orders across New Zealand and Australia. Our enduring co-branding options are designed to elevate your brand seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression while underscoring your commitment to the planet.

Our forever co-branding options will help showcase and enhance your brand effortlessly, creating a lasting impression and demonstrating care for the planet.

Awesome design. It’s the one I use here in Milan."

- Chris Salierno. Marketing Director, La Marzocco



single-use cups thrown away in NZ every year


saved per year from choosing to reuse everyday

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